Chronicles of the Last Jedi

Breaking the bank

The characters, on the run from the legendary Ironarm have learned he has invested a great amount of intrest in him, Eren Garia has moved to capture them. Fleeing on their speeder bikes they were able to escape his Iron clutches with double the required supplies. Luck seemed to be on their side, things were panning out.

Back to the bounty hunter world they went, hopes of securing funds and their starship close. However a increased imperial presence did not boad well. They quickly found out that pay wouldn't be all that easy to procure, their contact had been found. Turns out not only Eren Garia but a True blood moff has invested intrest in the potentials of five flesh and blood Jedi. Moff Felanis has entered the frey.

The party quickly flees in hopes to get off world before the imperial grasps once more clench down around their neck. Sadly when the shit gets rolling it really starts rolling. Their ship stolen back from the crime lord with the female they had secured aboard. Q



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